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Members are encouraged to join at least one of the following committees to support the Board's mission:


Rush Associates Board members are asked to serve on at least one of the following committees for a two-year term:

  • Executive Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Community Outreach Committee
  • Event Committee
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as the governing body of the Rush Associates Board (RAB) and provides general oversight and counsel. Members include the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer; chairs of the key committees; a liaison from the Rush University Medical Center Board of Trustees and former RAB officers as they are inclined. The Executive Committee has specific responsibility for strategic planning, policy setting, and acting on committee recommendations and proposed projects. Its members lead other RAB members by example, with meaningful participation in programs, meetings, galas and philanthropic efforts.

Membership Committee
Chair: Justin Ishbia

The Membership Committee identifies, recommends and orients qualified nominees who demonstrate a commitment to Rush, while also helping to contribute to the Rush Associates Board’s goals for membership size, diversity and professional experience. The committee considers candidates recommended by its own membership, other RAB members and institutional leadership. Periodically, the Membership Committee reviews current member assignments to committees and monitors member involvement in committees and other activities. The committee also makes recommendations to the board about committee assignments. The Membership Committee will be working in conjunction with the Programming Committee to launch a networking event, as well as an RAB-Board of Trustees civic leadership and mentorship program in 2012-2013.

Program Committee
Caley LaRue
Michael Liang, PhD

The Program Committee plans and stages guest speakers, presentations and other activities that further the mission of the Rush Associates Board to engage member participation and community awareness. The committee, in conjunction with Rush’s Office of Philanthropy, creates an annual program calendar and organizes the details of each program. Promoting Rush Rounds, a series of discussions about health care innovations at Rush University Medical Center, is a key responsibility in the Program Committee’s efforts to build awareness and connections to Rush. The Program Committee also will be working in conjunction with the Membership Committee to launch a networking event, as well as an RAB-Board of Trustees civic leadership and mentorship program.

Community Outreach Committee
Cheryl Keane
Justin Marku

The Community Outreach Committee, in partnership with Rush University Medical Center, makes Rush Associates Board members aware of volunteer opportunities, both within Rush and with programs that partner with Rush, to promote hands-on experience, connections and stability in the surrounding community. The committee is an important part of RAB’s efforts to provide members with meaningful ongoing service opportunities. The Community Outreach Committee will work closely with the Programming Committee to launch two volunteer programs: 1) a pediatric oncology respite camp in conjunction with Gilda’s Club Chicago and RUMC students; 2) a volunteer initiative at Rush’s school-based health centers at Simpson Academy for Young Women, Richard T. Crane Technical Preparatory High School and Orr Academy High School.

Event Committee


Honorary Chair:
Annabelle Volgman, MD, FACC

Gala Chairs:
Susan Ferris
Tami McQuown
Maria Nasharr

Sponsorship Committee
Co-chairs: Karl Palasz and Pat Riley
Bill Drehkoff
Justin Marku
Michael O’Brien
Dan Alvarez
David Neighbours
Anthony Nasharr
Scott MacDonald
Prakash Ramani
David Schuppan
Wes Goebel
Scott Borre
Eric Gordon
Justin Ishbia
Dave Sproat
Chad Richardson
James DeYoung Jr.
Walter Kelly
Auction & Fund-a-Need:
Lindsay Garrison
Theresann Seeger
Helen Pates
Andrea Eschmeyer
Dina Pilipczuk
Meredith Duncan
Hooman Bahmandeji
Ticket Sales:
Dana Hill

The Event Committee oversees all events and has primary responsibility for the Rush Associates Board annual gala. It serves to promote RAB members’ active involvement in planning, publicizing, coordinating and attending the gala. The Event Committee also recruits and motivates volunteers to chair gala subcommittees and work the event. The gala is RAB’s principal fundraising vehicle and represents a significant portion of the board’s operating budget and philanthropic contributions. In addition, the Event Committee helps plan other events that connect RAB members with one another, as well as with the Rush community.